Life Saving Packing Tips

December 15, 2018

Packing for a week in Hawaii is a piece of cake. Packing for an extended trip around the US, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game (especially in a duffel bag). But it’s still possible to fit all your belongings in a bag that doesn’t need to be checked, it will just take some organization.

Here’s how to organize and pack what you need for your upcoming adventures:

Choose a Fitting Duffel Bag

When choosing a duffel bag that is best fit for you, keep in mind that your decision could make or break your trip experience. Pick one like HarmonicGoods Small Loaded Duffel that is durable, comfortable, and spacious, should you need the extra room. Always better to be safe than sorry when going on any adventure.

Rolling Method

You may have heard of this before but one of the best packing tips to this day is the “rolling” method. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up tightly and put them at the bottom to organize your bag. It may not seem like it’s improving anything at first glance, but rolling your clothes saves a significant amount of space.

Keep Your Undergarments Together

Socks and underwear are those pieces of clothing most of us tend to bunch up and throw into any available space left in our bags. By doing so, they are loose and tend to fall out without even noticing. Fill one Kit Bag with your essentials and place it right above your clothes.

Keep Electronics Together

Lay out the electronics you need; memory cards, charging cables, batteries, headphones, etc.. Put them in a Small Accessory Bag and lay it on top of your Kit Bag for easy access.

Toiletry Kit

The Large Accessory Bag will hold all of the toiletry items you need to keep you looking good and smelling good on your vacation, with a nifty hook on the side to hang on a door or towel rack. It is also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet.

Collect the Remainder

We all have those miscellaneous items like razors, jewelry, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. that usually end up in most inconvenient places throughout your bag. Instead of tossing those wherever you can last minute, collect what’s left and put it into a Small Accessory Bag.

If you have any other packing tips you think are essential and would like to share, send me an email !